Turn Key Project Management from Concept to Handover

NDG’s holistic approach to project management uses our experience and expertise to guide even the most complex projects to success. Listening to our clients gives us a full understanding of the goals to accomplish. Our services are all-encompassing with all aspects of project management available to clients. We can manage your project from first concept to handover and every stage in between, appointing suppliers and contractors and working with local authorities and government agencies to smooth the consent process. During these processes we identify and mitigate the health and safety risks associated with the project. We are even involved in the traffic management, through our experience as Temporary Traffic Management Planners, as we hold STMS and TTMP planning qualifications. We operate on projects large and small throughout New Zealand and remotely on projects worldwide.

We are the unsung heroes of many projects, staying in the background ensuring everything stays on track. We create the necessary documentation and building consent processes supported by our innovative and flexible approach, allowing us to do what it takes to get your project done.

Appointing the Best Contractors for your Job

We have a network of contractors throughout New Zealand we know and trust so we can appoint the perfect people for your project, and budget. We work with and manage contractors for you, making communicating your project easier. If your project involves work in the road corridor we assist with Temporary Traffic Management Planning, specifically the design and submission of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and Corridor Access Request (CAR), via Submittica.

In addition we are able to supply and fit our own range of products such as specially designed fibre jointing chambers, and heavy duty fibre cable, designed and manufactured to the highest standards so we can save you money and time in the procurement process.

An Innovative Approach - Keeping Flexible and Working Differently

Having handled diverse projects, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Whether it be the custom design of special equipment, or a thoughtful solution to a difficult problem, NDG is there to assess what needs to be done and develop something that makes logical sense. We know you are great at what you do, but may have encountered a problem on a project you might think is insurmountable. We work differently. Because of our experience we know the way it has always been done, but we have the drive and innovation to invent a unique solution tailored to your project that is better than the standard option. We love challenges, they’re an opportunity to use our design, communication, planning and engineering skills. We are flexible, so we can adapt quickly and deal with problems that emerge whether they be large or small. We are great at infrastructure because we understand technology and the design process so we can custom make parts and products to remove barriers and keep your project running on time and on budget. We are committed to getting the job done and will work with you through every phase, doing whatever it takes, to realise your vision every time. We will make that happen.

The Consent Process Made Easy

We have experience in dealing with consent process practicalities and legalities. No matter how complex we can explain the project concept to the appropriate authorities to make it easily understood. We can complete the documentation, plan the temporary traffic management , work within environmental protection laws and interpret the resource management act, because we take a positive approach to working within the framework to maintain original objectives. Our expertise in gaining consents helps to keep the project moving while ensuring health and safety requirements are met so that everyone involved is kept safe. Even when a global pandemic threatened to halt a build we were working on, we created effective Covid-19 protocols to protect both the contractors on site and people visiting the site and were able to continue working.

Future Proofing

Part of our unique approach is that we don’t just do things because they are a legacy of the past, but because we look to the future, and challenge the older way of performing tasks. Whether it be due to climate change or just a desire to safeguard the project outcome so that it lasts for the long term, we specialise in future-proofing. Extreme temperatures, high levels of exposure to ultraviolet light, flooding, snowfall, erosion and wind velocity are all factors that can impact a project’s deliverables. We think carefully about the environment and the materials we use as well as the nature of the build, so we can ensure that the project deliverables are durable enough to withstand the conditions now and for the expected lifetime of the exposed materials in the future.