The NDG Approach

NDGs qualities of Innovation, flexibility, working differently and forward thinking give your project advantages the others just don’t have. We take a holistic approach and listen to our clients, because when we are working on your project, it’s your goals we are committed to achieving. Once we have a full understanding of where you want to go, we apply our all encompassing services to take you there.

We have planning, communication and problem solving skills that remove barriers and keep your project moving forward. Our drive, commitment and experience with infrastructure and technology allows us to meet every challenge and make your project a success. We will guide you through the most complex projects from concept design to handover on completion.

With our foresight and your vision anything can be achieved.

NDG Offers

  • End to End Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Appointing and managing suppliers and contractors
  • Managing Project health and safety risks
  • Assisting with  the consent process with City and District Councils
  • Independent problem solving
  • Procurement of materials, both locally, nationally and internationally
  • Temporary Traffic Management Planning (TMP) and submission for Corridor Access Request (CAR) consent to work on roads, berms and footpaths throughout New Zealand.
  • Custom equipment engineering and  design that fits your project and outcome.
  • Sustainable and future-proofing project outcomes.
  • Supplier review and selection of technology and utility providers.
  • Designing, implementing and building complex infrastructure.

Our services are all-encompassing to meet your project’s needs.


Under the Optistar banner NDG sells their expertly engineered products. Equipment for infrastructure and network connectivity as well as products exclusively designed for specific projects will help make yours a success.

Because we produce and fit our own products we can keep procurement costs low. With our extensive experience in engineering, technology and in the field installing infrastructure our products are designed by experts who know what they will be used for and what conditions they will be used in. They are durable, built for purpose and future proofed so that they will last through all the conditions they need to for the duration of the projected lifetime of the project.

If you’re serious about your equipment you’ll choose Optistar.

The NDG Edge

With the ability to custom design a solution for the challenges of your project, at NDG, we give you the edge. Our love of building a logical case for consent will put your project ahead of the others. Our past experience gives us an advantage when it comes to future proofing because we have installed project infrastructure in diverse and extreme conditions so we know how to plan for a variety of weathers and temperatures as well as conditions such as erosion, wind velocity and exposure to ultraviolet light.When you can’t find the right part, we can tailor-make the necessary equipment to perfectly suit your needs and if we’ve designed it already, we can sell it at a lower cost than our competitors.

No matter what the project NDG will give yours an advantage.