About us

Network Design Group

Mark Doyle and Kirsten Diack founded NDG on the 25th of May, 2010, creating an innovative independent consultancy service in the telecommunications and energy sector. Mark has first hand experience in the field installing infrastructure in a wide range of environments. As the principal consultant and project manager, Mark constantly uses his business and technical knowledge as well as his experience and expertise in project management and planning, for consent applications,for tactical planning, and the technical aspects of projects.

Originally working within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, NDG is also capable of operating remotely on projects worldwide. With an initial focus on fibre optic and wireless networks and their associated infrastructure NDG has grown to provide expertise in a diverse range of areas. These include network strategy, risk assessment and mitigation, resource consent applications, solution design, product selection and specifications, training on implementation and installation of various products, health and safety practices and problem solving that meets both timeframe and budgetary constraints to a range of companies large and small. These can be viewed here.

Many of the solutions NDG has been involved with require custom designed and built parts. Having built up a range of products and patents, these bespoke design solutions can be found under the Optistar banner.

NDG’s involvement typically starts early in the specification and design process, working with multiple stakeholders. Success is dependent on listening to customers and clients to understand what is required from us to provide an optimal job. Working with national and international suppliers to ensure costs are kept as low as possible and with local authorities like district and regional councils and government departments, using experience and expertise to smooth the path for the consent and approval processes. An ever-growing portfolio of specialist consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and advisors help facilitate the supply of materials, construction, and implementation. Integral to the process is ensuring that everyone that needs to be is informed, and that all legalities are managed. Innovative solutions to difficult problems maintains the timeline and budget of the project.

We take a complex project and make it simple so that you can create without limits.